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Seasonal stories

Japanese seasons are part of the country's culture, folklore and traditions. The four seasons are observed diligently and many linguistic and social terms are based on this aspect of Japan.

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Insects in Japan

There are many insects and bugs that are indigenous to the Japan isles. Fortunately, not many are dangerous or poisonous – but it is worth finding out which ones are before venturing out into the mountains in Japan.

The centipedes and wasps are generally the most harmful, although the media over here has been up in arms over an increase in blood-sucking worms recently...

Ishibashi sensei, one of our teachers at JOI Japanese online school actually likes insects – their songs that is ! Find out which ones below, and listen to natural Japanese by watching the video. It also features Ishibashi sensei's favorite insect sounds.

Insect sounds




日本では、やっと暑い夏が終わって、心地よい秋になりました。 わたしは、夏や秋の夕暮れに聞く虫の声が大好きです。 日が暮れるころ、公園を散歩しながら、虫の声を楽しんでいます。





ちなみにわたしのお気に入りの虫の声は「ヒグラシ」の鳴き声です。 ぜひ聞いてみてください。

ヒグラシの鳴き声 Youtube

To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video.


日本(にほん)では、やっと暑(あつ)い夏(なつ)が終(お)わって、心地(ここち)よい秋(あき)になりました。 わたしは、夏や秋の夕暮(ゆうぐ)れに聞(き)く虫の声が大好(だいす)きです。 日(ひ)が暮(く)れるころ、公園(こうえん)を散歩(さんぽ)しながら、虫の声を楽(たの)しんでいます。





ちなみにわたしのお気(き)に入(い)りの虫の声は「ヒグラシ」の鳴(な)き声(ごえ)です。 ぜひ聞いてみてください。

Insect sounds

In Japan, the hot summer has come to an end at last, and we are now in comfortable autumn. Personally, I love the twighlight sounds of insects in summer and autumn. As the night begins to fall, I enjoy taking a walk in the park listening to the sound of the insect sounds.

However, these insect songs are heard as comfortable sounds by Japanese people, but I was surprised to find out that for people in other countries, they are heard as just noise.

The cause for this apparently because Japanese people hear these insects sounds with their left brains which are used to process language and other countries' people hear them with their right brains which are used to process music.

In other words, Japanese people hear insect sounds as insect voices.

According to one article on the Internet, only Japanese people and Polynesian people hear the insect songs as comfortable sounds. Other countries' people hear them as just noise. Is this true ?

On this topic, my favorite insect sound is from the higurashi cicada song. Please give it a listen.


声(こえ)voice, sound


夕暮(ゆうぐ)れevening twilight

日(ひ)が暮(く)れるnight falls




処理(しょり)するprocess, deal with

左脳(さのう)left brain

右脳(うのう)right brain



ヒグラシhigurashi cicade



Hajimemashite, my name is Kaori Ishibashi.
I live in Ibaraki city, in Osaka prefecture, with my husband, son and daughter. Ibaraki city is in between Osaka and Kyoto and is in a very convenient location. Before I was married, I went to Canada and Spain as an exchange student. So I too love to study languages.
Since my children are still so young, I cannot readily go abroad, so I am really glad of the opportunity to communicate with people from various countries through JOI. Let's study Japanese together.

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