Setting up your iPhone/iPad

Download the App

round-blueiPad and iPhone (iOS) is available on the App Store for free.

 Download it here 

Event ID? - you do not need one

1. After you have downloaded the App, it sometimes asks for an Event ID - please ignore this.
2. Close the App and then go to your JOI account.
3. Access your class from the Go to Classroom link in your account


Audio Set up? - you do not need one

iPhone/iPad devices do not need an audio set up, this is done automatically.
But please test it out your device in the SAKURA Lounge - you can find the link on the left side menu in your account.


FAQ and troubleshooting

round-blueApp does not launch in Safari

After updating your iPad to iOS Safari will not launch automatically.
The reason for this is Safari reports your iPad as a Mac OS computer.

To solve the issue please either select another browser (Google Chrome works well) or follow the steps below:
1. Open Settings
2. Tap on Safari
3. Tap on Request Desktop Website
4. Make sure All Websites is NOT selected. It must be grayed out.

round-blueI get ACCESS DENIED message when trying to start App

This is a security settings issue - follow these steps to solve it.

1. Open Settings
2. Tap on Screen time
3. Tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions
4. Make sure there aren't any website restrictions turned on.