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People who cheer

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Concerts after the pandemic

During the pandemic, concerts and live music gigs have been canceled. In Japan, when the sports games were restarted, they asked the spectators to refrain from crying out or shouting.

For this reason, I think there is pent-up energy ready to be released in the post-Corona world. Maybe in that 'return to normal' Eguchi sensei will find the experiences that she is looking for.

Read this fun blog for Japanese language learners. It is an interesting personal story and I think many Japanese people may be able to empathize with this Japanese teacher.Watch the YouTube video to listen to the blog being read out in natural Japanese too.

People who cheer and people who cannot




 先日、あるテレビ番組を見ました。映画館で映画を見終わった人達にインタビューをします。その人達は映画の主演俳優のファンで、みんな口々に主演俳優の魅力について話しています。そこに背後から主演俳優が現れる・・・という「どっきり番組」でした。主演俳優が現れると、ファンはみんな「キャー!!!」と歓声を上げて大騒ぎしていました。泣いてしまう人もいました。 その様子を見た時、「そういえば私は生まれて一度も歓声を上げたことがない」と気がついたのです。



To listen to this blog, please watch our Youtube video. 


 先日(せんじつ)、あるテレビ番組(ばんぐみ)を見(み)ました。映画館(えいがかん)で映画(えいが)を見終(みお)わった人達(ひとたち)にインタビューをします。その人達(ひとたち)は映画(えいが)の主演俳優(しゅえんはいゆう)のファンで、みんな口々(くちぐち)に主演俳優(しゅえんはいゆう)の魅力(みりょく)について話(はな)しています。そこに背後(はいご)から主演俳優(しゅえんはいゆう)が現(あらわ)れる・・・という「どっきり番組(ばんぐみ)」でした。主演俳優(しゅえんはいゆう)が現(あらわ)れると、ファンはみんな「キャー!!!」と歓声(かんせい)を上(あ)げて大騒(おおさわ)ぎしていました。泣(な)いてしまう人(ひと)もいました。 その様子(ようす)を見(み)た時(とき)、「そういえば私(わたし)は生(う)まれて一度(いちど)も歓声(かんせい)を上(あ)げたことがない」と気(き)がついたのです。



People who cheer and people who cannot

The other day I was watching a TV program. They were interviewing people who had watched a movie at the movie theatre. The people were fans of the leading actor, and they were all unanimously talking about the leading actor's appeal. It was a prank show, so from behind them the leading actor suddenly appeared. When the actor appeared, all the fans went, “Aaaiiee!” screaming out in delight. Some people even cried. When I watched this scene, I realized that “Come to think of it, I have never raised my voice in delight like that in my life.”

When I was a junior high school, I went to a concert by a singer I liked for the first time in my life. When the concert started and the singer came onto stage, the friend I went together with screamed in a huge voice, “Aaaiiee!” And at the same time, the venue was filled with screams. I was really excited as well and felt really happy but, no sound came out of my lips. After that experience, I went to concerts several times, but I never raised my voice in screams of delight at any time. Sometimes I felt a little forlorn and I thought, “I'm going to go ahead and raise my voice too!” and then also said, “Aaaiiee!” but it was not a real scream of delight.

When I watched the prank program, I felt a little jealous and thought, “I want to raise my voice in delight like that as well”. I hope that I come across a scenario when I can raise my voice and scream naturally. Also, I have never experienced the feeling of listening to music and having my body move naturally, so I'd like to experience this too if possible.

歓声(かんせい)を上(あ)げる   raise one's voice in delight    

先日(せんじつ)            the other day

テレビ番組(ばんぐみ)        tv program

主演俳優(しゅえんはいゆう)     leading actor

どっきり番組(ばんぐみ)        prank show

大騒(おおさわ)ぎする        make a fuss (outcry, uproar)  

自然(しぜん)に               naturally


Hajimemashite everybody ! My name is Chie Eguchi. I live in Kawanishi city in Hyougo prefecture. Its about 20 minutes to Osaka station by train. It is an easy-going place with lots of fig and peach orchards.

I love reading books, and soaking in the bath while reading a book is my favorite pastime. I've been playing tennis since my university days, and although I'm a terrible player, I still play from time to time.

I have taught at Japanese language schools in Thailand, Hong Kong and Osaka. In my lessons, once you have grasped the meanings and understood the situations in which words and phrases are used, then the most important thing is to talk as much as possible. I want to help you learn Japanese in the most effective manner. Let's do this together !

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