Using computers for online schools

One of the interesting things about teaching and learning Japanese at an online school like JOI, is that you end up spending a lot of time in front of the computer.

This can be fun and gives you a chance to be more creative in your use of computers, but also can create problems with posture and eyesight.

There are many products on sale to relieve the physical hardships of spending many hours in front of the computer. These vary from massage goods and special chairs made for computer use to eyewear and computer accessories.

In this weekly blog created by JOI teachers, Japanese teacher Chie Eguchi, talks about how she got over one of the difficulties of using a computer a lot ... or did she?

Read the blog and watch the video as well to learn Japanese better and for free.

Measures against Blue Light




デジタルディスプレイから出る「ブルーライト」が目に悪いと言われるようになってからずいぶん たちます。色々なメディアで取り上げられていて、ブルーライトをカットするメガネやディスプレイに はるフィルム、コンタクトレンズなどが売られています。

私も毎日パソコンを長時間使っていて最近目の疲れを感じているので、思い切ってブルーライトカットの新しいメガネを作ってみました。そして「効果があるかな?」と期待しながらさっそくJOIの レッスンの時にかけてみたのですが・・・。ビデオをつけてみたらレンズが青く反射して、こわい顔になってしまうので使えませんでした。

そして、その数日後、ブルーライトカットのメガネをかけてインターネットでニュースを見ていた時、 「アメリカの眼科学会が、ブルーライトでは失明しないし、ブルーライトカットのパソコン用メガネも推奨しないという見解を発表した」という記事を見つけました。その後、調べてみたらブルーライトが目に悪いかどうかについては色々な意見があるようですね。

ブルーライトカットのメガネを買ってよかったのかどうか、まだ分かりません。でも、効果を信じて しばらく使ってみようと思います。効果があったと感じたら、みなさんにもお知らせしますね!

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Measures against Blue Light

Quite some time has passed since we were told that the “Blue Light” that comes from computer displays is bad for the eyes. It has been talked about in various media, and various goods like Blue Light blocking glasses, contact lenses and film that you stick over your display have been on sale.

I also use my computer for long hours every day so my eyes have been feeling tired recently, so I decisively started to use some new Blue Light blocking glasses. So, “Are they effective ?” I thought expectantly and promptly put them on for the JOI online classes, but...when I put the video on, the lenses reflected as blue, and my face looked scary so I couldn't use them.

Then a few days later, when I was looking at news on the Internet while wearing my Blue Light blocking glasses, I found an article that said that “The Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology gave an opinion that Blue Light does not cause loss of vision, and that they do not recommend the use of Blue Light blocking glasses”. After that, I researched it a little and found that there are various opinions on whether Blue Light is bad for the eyes or not.

I don't know if it was a good thing that I bought Blue Light blocking glasses. But I will believe in their effectiveness and continue to use them for a while. If I think they have been effective, I will let you all know.

対策(たいさく) measures

メディアで取(と)り上(あ)げられる The media talked about it .

効果(こうか)がある to be effective

反射(はんしゃ)する reflect

信(しん)じる   believe


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I love reading books, and soaking in the bath while reading a book is my favorite pastime. I've been playing tennis since my university days, and although I'm a terrible player, I still play from time to time.

I have taught at Japanese language schools in Thailand, Hong Kong and Osaka. In my lessons, once you have grasped the meanings and understood the situations in which words and phrases are used, then the most important thing is to talk as much as possible. I want to help you learn Japanese in the most effective manner. Let's do this together !

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