Japanese manga and anime dialogue

Manga and Anime originate from a distinctly Japanese style of art. This art form has grown and expanded abroad, sprouting many homage styles and events.

One of the most loved parts of Manga and Anime is not just the art but the characters and in particular, the dialogues spoken by each character.

In this useful Japanese learning blog by the Japanese teachers at JOI, Noriko Yokozuka introduces her favourite lines of dialogue.

Please have read through this short but useful Japanese writing and learn some new vocabulary, practice reading Kanji and listen to some fluent Japanese.

Favorite lines of dialogue





私が好きなセリフは2つです。 一つは、ありきたりですが、スラムダンクの安西先生の言葉。
バスケをしている人はよくこの言葉がプリントされているTシャツを着ていますね。 私は安西先生のあの存在感と、お茶をすする姿が大好きなんです。


いいセリフはたくさんありますね。 ぜひ、みなさんが好きなセリフも教えてください!


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私(わたし)が好きなセリフは2つです。 一つは、ありきたりですが、スラムダンクの安西(あんざい)先生(せんせい)の言葉(ことば)。
バスケをしている人はよくこの言葉がプリントされているTシャツを着(き)ていますね。 私は安西先生のあの存在感(そんざいかん)と、お茶(ちゃ)をすする姿(すがた)が大好(だいす)きなんです。


いいセリフはたくさんありますね。 ぜひ、みなさんが好きなセリフも教(おし)えてください!

Favorite lines of dialogue

Are there any lines of dialogue that you like from Anime movies or Manga? There are many lines of dialogue, aren't there – lines that resonate with your emotions, cool lines, motivating lines and lines of dialogues that have become famous quotes.

There are two lines of dialogue that I like. One is a cliché said by the character Anzai Sensei from the “Slam Dunk” manga. “If you give up now, its game over!”

People who play basketball often wear T-shirts with these words printed on them. I love Anzai Sensei's presence and the way he slurps his tea.

The second line is by the character Kamaji from the animation “Spirited Away”. “Good Luck”

He says this line as he sees the character Chihiro off on her way to Yubaba's place. He turns towards Chihiro, raises his thumb and says, “Good Luck” as encouragement. While still eating his tempura rice bowl.

There are a lot of great lines of dialogue. Please let me know what your favourite lines of dialogue are!

セリフ one's lines

心に響く こころにひびく echo through someone's head

名言 めいげん a wise [witty] remark; a famous [well-known] saying

ありきたり ordinary

存在感 そんざいかん sense of existence

お茶をすする おちゃをすする sense of existence

天丼 てんどん a bowl of rice topped with tempura


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