Japanese school lunches

Japanese school lunches have been in focus in recent news and magazine articles. The level of nutrition and the culture of student participation in the serving and cleaning is usually the focal point of the news' stories. And a lot of countries are looking to Japan's example when reforming their own school lunch menus.

Kamiyama sensei introduces this topic in this Japanese learning blog. You can listen to the fluent Japanese in the video and learn vocabulary from the lists below.

School cafeterias




みなさんは学生時代にどこでお昼ごはんを食べましたか。 日本の多くの小学校・中学校では給食があります。みんなで同じメニューを食べます。和食・洋食・中華いろんな献立があります。

高校ではお弁当を持っていく人が多いです。たいていは朝、お母さんが作ります。 色とりどりのおかずをつめたり、キャラ弁を作るお母さんもいます。




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みなさんは学生時代(がくせいじだい)にどこでお昼(ひる)ごはんを食(た)べましたか。 日本(にほん)の多(おお)くの小学校(しょうがっこう)・中学校(ちゅうがっこう)では給食(きゅうしょく)があります。みんなで同(おな)じメニューを食(た)べます。和食(わしょく)・洋食(ようしょく)・中華(ちゅうか)いろんな献立(こんだて)があります。

高校(こうこう)ではお弁当(べんとう)を持(も)っていく人(ひと)が多(おお)いです。たいていは朝(あさ)、お母(かあ)さんが作(つく)ります。 色(いろ)とりどりのおかずをつめたり、キャラ弁(べん)を作(つく)るお母(かあ)さんもいます。



School cafeterias

In your student days, where did you eat your lunch ? In most Elementary and Junior High schools, they have school lunch. Everybody eats the same menu. There are various menus from Japanese cuisine (or Washoku) and Western food to Chinese cuisine.

In high school many people bring lunch boxes. Ordinarily mothers make these in the morning. Some mothers add all manner of side dishes while there are some mothers who create character lunch boxes.

In university there is a school cafeteria. The 'Today's Special' in the photo costs 500 yen. This strongly supports students who don't have much money. They are not only cheap, but also take nutritional balance into account. The receipt shows the amount of calories and salt. Recently, there are apparently some school cafeterias where you can eat French cuisine too. There are some school cafeterias that are open to the general public, not only for students.

You can walk around a large campus, buy food tickets and eat with some students and experience the nostalgia of what it feels like to be a student again.

給食(きゅうしょく)school lunch


キャラ弁(きゃらべん)character lunch box

日替わり定食(ひがわりていしょく)Today's Special





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