Japanese cuisine or washoku

Japanese cuisine or washoku is based on rice. And another ingredient that plays a large part in the cuisine, is Soy beans.

In this Japanese learners' blog, Ishibashi sensei lightly explains one food that is almost synonymous with this type of cooking.

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Which type of Tofu do you like ?




みなさんは豆腐が好きですか。 どうやって豆腐を食べますか。 日本のスーパーに行くと、いろいろな種類の豆腐が売っていますが、いつも必ずあるのは、木綿豆腐絹ごし豆腐です。

木綿豆腐は日本に昔からある豆腐です。 豆乳に入れて固めますが、水分絞っているため、硬く大豆の味が楽しめます。硬いので形が崩れにくく、いろいろな料理に使うことができます。





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みなさんは豆腐(とうふ)が好きですか。 どうやって豆腐を食べますか。 日本のスーパーに行くと、いろいろな種類(しゅるい)の豆腐が売(う)っていますが、いつも必(かなら)ずあるのは、木綿豆腐(もめんどうふ)絹(きぬ)ごし豆腐(とうふ)です。

木綿豆腐は日本(にほん)に昔(むかし)からある豆腐です。 豆乳(とうにゅう)型(かた)に入(い)れて固(かた)めますが、水分(すいぶん)絞(しぼ)っているため、硬(かた)く大豆(たいず)の味(あじ)が楽(たの)しめます。硬いので形(かたち)が崩(くず)れにくく、いろいろな料理(りょうり)に使(つか)うことができます。





Which type of Tofu do you like ?

Do you like Tofu ? How do you eat Tofu ? If you go to a Japanese supermarket you'll find many types of Tofu on sale but without fail, you'll always find two types available; firm and soft Tofu.

Firm Tofu has been around in Japan since long ago. It is made by putting the Tofu into a mold and let it harden, then it is squeezed in order to remove the water content and you can enjoy the taste of soy beans. Because it firm, it is difficult for the shape to break and can therefore be used in a variety of different foods.

Soft Tofu is also put into a mold to harden, but because the water is not removed, it features a soft texture.

The easiest way to eat Tofu is probably cold Tofu (or Hiyayakko). You cut the Tofu, put green onions, Bonito flakes and ginger on top and after pouring Soy sauce over it, you can eat. For delicious Tofu, this way is the best way to eat it.

For people not used to eating Tofu but would like to try eating it for their health I recommend eating it by using Tofu instead of meat. When making meat stir-fry or hamburger steaks, you can reduce the amount of meat a little and add Tofu instead. Then the meat dish instantly becomes healthy.

It is good for your body, so please go ahead and try it.

豆腐(とうふ)soybean curd; tofu

木綿豆腐(もめんどうふ)firm tofu

絹(きぬ)ごし豆腐(とうふ)soft tofu

豆乳(とうにゅう)soybean milk


固(かた)める make harden


絞(しぼ)る squeeze


硬(かた)い hard

崩(くず)れる break

柔(やわ)らかい soft



冷(ひ)ややっこ cold tofu

ネギ green onions

しょうが ginger

かつお節(ぶし) bried bonito

お勧(すす)め recommendation

代(か)わり instead

炒(いた)める stir fry

ハンバーグ Salisbury steak, hamburg steak

一気(いっき)に at once

ヘルシー healthy


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