Exercise in Japan

Japan is one of the world's longest living nations. Health and exercise especially for the aging population are becoming popular, with gyms and exercise groups providing many services like Yoga and Pilates to maintain fitness.

Yanaka sensei reads out her blog in which she talks about her own exercise regimen and the changes she has made to make her lifestyle and body healthier.

Listen to Yanaka sensei speaking in Japanese and read this blog for learners by the teacher, to learn more fluent and natural Japanese.

Until what age can I continue ?








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Until what age can I continue ?

My hobby is tennis. I am not good at it, but I find chasing the ball down and getting a shot off really fun. I release stress by going to a tennis school once a week.

Tennis is a hard sport so I thought that I would be able to do it up until I was around my fifties. I thought that as the years went on, my injuries would increase and I would be unable to continue. However, one day I was watching Nippon TV and a scene showing some people in their 70s and 80s enjoying tennis was being shown. When I saw this, I was surprised on seeing that you could still play tennis even when you reached 80, and I began to think that I would like to play tennis until I was 80 too.

According to various research, I heard that if you train your muscles and muscular strength, you can maintain them even when you get up to a certain age. But on the other hand, if you do not use them, they will keep on declining. Muscle decline begins from our twenties. So with that in mind, you should exercise regularly from your twenties. So although I thought that it was already a little too late for that, I started doing Pilates and Yoga and tried to increase the opportunities I had to move my body, apart from tennis. And also, in everyday life I began to be conscious of my muscles as I moved my body, when walking, for instance I tried to walk at a fast pace.

I don't how much of this will bear fruit, but if I continue to steadfastly train my body even a little, I think I can enjoy tennis longer. So well, I wonder what age I can I continue untill !

ショット shot

発散(はっさん)する release

~代(だい) a generation e.g. 50代 fifties、70代 seventies、80代 eighties

研究(けんきゅう) research; study

筋力(きんりょく) muscular strength [power]

筋肉(きんにく) a muscle

鍛(きた)える train

維持(いじ)する maintain

衰(おとろ)える decline; get weak

一方(いっぽう)だ keep on 《declining》

定期的(ていきてき)に regularly

もはや already; now

手遅(ておく)れ being too late

機会(きかい) an opportunity; a chance

意識(いしき)して consciously

早足(はやあし)で 歩(ある)く walk fast; walk at a quick pace

成果(せいか) the fruit;

地道(じみち)に in an honest way


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How do you find studying Japanese ? Is it difficult ? Do you find it trying ? At the beginning, easy phrases will do, just think of what you want to say and give it a go. For example, let's talk about your favorite things. I like playing tennis, traveling, and gardening. What do you like to do ?

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