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Disasters in Japan

Japan with its floods, landslides, typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is one of the countries most affected by natural disasters. There are many innovative designs and ideas to prevent devastation and loss of life in the country, yet there are always some casualties in this nation whenever nature strikes.

In this thoughtful blog by Japanese teacher Murahara sensei, we take a look at some of these disasters in Japan and around the world and ponder of the menace and blessings that nature can provide us.

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The blessings and menace of nature








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The blessings and menace of nature

This morning's news (July 18th) had some information that Doukutsu Soumen has opened for this year in Nagasaki prefecture. Doukutsu Soumen is limited edition restaurant which uses some man-made caves built at the end of the Second World War and in which you can eat Soumen noodles. Even under the blazing sun, the temperatures inside these caves are around 20 degrees and it is cool so that eating Soumen noodles here has become a summer highlight. Other than these, there are other caves in Japan and in locations all around the world which, due to the freshness of the water and air in them and the mystical aura they have, have become popular places for a lot of people to assemble.

On the other hand, talking about caves, last month there was an incident of 13 people being trapped for about 2 weeks inside caves in a national park in Thailand. After they had entered the caves, rising water levels brought by heavy rains meant that they could not get out. This incident made me realize the danger of the unpredictability of nature and the fear of caves.

And on the subject of rain, Japan has received tremendous damage from torrential rain this year as well. If rain doesn't fall, then we suffer from lack of water, heatstroke and agricultural disasters, yet if too much falls then there are many disasters from flooding to landslides. And one of the causes of the seriousness of the water damage this time around came from the anti-erosion dams and water-storage dams that were built to prevent disaster damage.

We humans can enjoy nature well, but no matter how much we progress in science and technology, we cannot reduce the downsides of nature to zero and I feel keenly that human application within nature, on the contrary has minus effects and feel that we humans cannot compete with nature. I think we can enjoy the blessings of nature in our daily life, but we should not forget that nature always has a plus and minus effect to it.

人工(の)/じんこう(の) Artificial, Man made

期間限定(の)/きかんげんてい(の) limitied edition

炎天下/えんてんか under the flaming sun

夏の風物詩/なつのふうぶつし summer feature , summer highlights

みずみずしさ freshness

神秘的(な)/しんぴてき(な) mystical

予測不可能(な)/よそくふかのう(な) unpredictable

甚大(な)/じんだい(な) tremendous

被害(ひがい) damage

深刻化する(させる)/しんこくかする(させる) become serious (make it serious)


Hajimemashite, everyone. My name is Satomi Murahara I live in Kagoshima in Kyushu. An active volcano known as Sakura Jima, is the symbol of the town.

I have been teaching at Japanese language schools in Saipan and Kagoshima. While I was in Saipan, I got to find out about Polynesian dances and now I'm currently learning Tahitian dance. Recently I have become interested in Hula too. One day I'd like to go to Hawaii and Tahiti and dance under the azure sky looking out at the sea.

I love helping everyone to learn Japanese ! So in my class, don't be afraid to make mistakes, just continue to use Japanese. Talk as much as possible and ask me lots of questions. This is the shortcut to improving your language skills. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences and have conversations in Japanese with you !

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