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Japanese culture

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Japanese gardens

When people talk about Japanese gardens, they usually refer to the beautiful and artistic traditional gardens that can be found in every prefecture across the country. But one of the things that are also interesting to look at the gardens that belong to individual Japanese families. Many Japanese houses feature small but immaculately kept gardens that can be a wonder to look at.

Most families hire landscape gardeners to tend to their gardens annually. Takane sensei's family is no different. In this interesting blog for Japanese learners this Japanese teacher introduces a topic that runs through generations of her family tree – excuse the pun.

Listen to the blog by watching the video, and also learn new vocabulary too.

Landscape gardeners


By TAKANE Yukiko



切った枝を回収して、肥料再利用。 庭に植木や生垣を植える。
植木の栽培。 等々
庭のことすべてのことを行うのだそう。 長年の修行が必要なようです。


 そして、親方は80歳を超えても現役です。 数年前までは私の祖母の話相手でした。


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植木(うえき)の栽培(さいばい)。 等々(とうとう)



Landscape gardeners

Every year during October, some landscape gardeners come to our house and tend to the trees. They tend to the azalea tree that my father planted, and to the plum tree that my great-grandfather planted and to the pine trees that stood there from before that time. They make each one beautiful.

I ask the landscape gardeners various things about their job every year. They prune, trim and disinfect the trees in the garden and also those in the park. They collect the branches that they cut, and reuse these for plant food. They add this to the planted trees and the hedge. And among other things, they cultivate the greenery. They do everything that is there is to do in the garden. It looks like it takes long training.

The landscape gardeners that come to our house run a family business and they mainly focus on cultivating trees. Recently, I heard that they hold exhibitions abroad too.

And the master is now over 80 years old, but he is active. He used to have conversations with my grandmother until a few years ago. I remember listening to my grandmother's voice on the porch as the delightful sound of the rhythmic cutting of the trees could be heard in the background. Now he talks to my daughter. “When is the gardener coming again?” She asks. I cannot wait until they come again next year.

手入(てい)れ tend to

つつじ azalea

梅(うめ) plum

松(まつ) pine

剪定(せんてい) prune

刈込(かりこみ) pruning


生垣(いけがき) hedge


肥料(ひりょう) plant food

再利用(さいりよう) reuse

栽培(さいばい) cultivate

修行(しゅぎょう) training

営(いとな)む run a business

主(しゅ)に mainly

展示会(てんじかい) exhibition

親方(おやかた) master

現役(げんえき) Active duty

小気味(こきみ)よい delightful

縁側(えんがわ) porch

待(ま)ち遠(どお)しい can't wait


Hajimemashite, I am Yukiko Takane.
I live in Chiba Prefecture. My hometown is near the ocean and is surrounded by rice fields - its a laid-back place. The sashimi and rice is really good here. My family home makes rice as well, so I usually help out during the harvest season. I may look weak, but actually I can lift a 30kg bag of rice.

In the past, I taught Japanese in Saipan and Cebu islands. The people I got to know there are precious to me. I am really looking forward to meeting you all in the online classrooms. I have been called 'Takani' Sensei or 'Okane' sensei by my students. Well, I am not a 'crab' nor am I 'money' - the name is Takane. Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Try to use your newly learned vocabulary and phrases all the time in the lessons. Looking forward to meeting you all in class !

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