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February 2015 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: 癒し(いやし) Methods of Healing

Date: 2015/2/12 09:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Inamoto sensei's remarks:

"疲れたとき、何を 飲みますか。食べますか。
あなたが 一番リラックスできるのは いつ、どこですか?

What do you eat or drink when you are tired ?
Where can you be at your most relaxed ?
What do you do when you are tired ?
Are there any "healing spots" in your country ?
What do you like to watch to feel healed ?

Topic: スポーツ Sports

Date: 2015/2/20 0:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Sakude sensei's remarks:


What kind of sports do you like ?
What sports do you like to do in the Winter ?
What sports did you do in your student days ?
Do you watch sports ?
Is there any sports you would love to try out from now ?

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