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August 2020 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Living things you like or want to become

Date:2020/8/25 20:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Yatabe sensei's remarks:

哺乳類、鳥、魚、虫、菌? 何でもかまいません。

Let's talk in Japanese about living things you like.
Whether they are mammals, birds, fish, bugs, or bacteria, it doesn't matter.
If you could be reborn as a living being other than a human, what would you like to be?

Topic: 変化

Date: 2020/8/28 12:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Ishibashi sensei's remarks:


Have there been any changes around you?
Let's talk about the changes you have observed in your selves, in the people around you, in the your town, or global changes.

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