Learning lessons in Japanese

In October 2019 we have free discussions for members and talk about lessons and people we respect.

October 2019 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: 習い事  Learning lessons

Date:2019/10/28 09:00 (Japan Time)
Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Suzuki sensei's remarks:


Are you taking any lessons for something?
When you were a child, what lessons did you take?
How long did you continue?
What kind of lessons would you like to learn if you started now?

Topic: 尊敬する人、目標とする人
People I respect and people I look up to

Date: 2019/10/23 11:00 (Japan Time)
Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Yanaka sensei's remarks:


Are there any people you look up to or would like to be like?
Why do you respect those people?
Why do you want to be like them?
How did you get to know about those people?

The events are moderated by one of the JOI teachers and are a fun and relaxed way to enjoy learning Japanese online for free with other like-minded Japanese language learners.It's easy to attend one of these events.

  1. Login to the Reservation System.
  2. Click on the Chat Events page to see the topics and the date and time (shown in your own time zone).
  3. Reserve a Chat Event.
  4. When the date and time comes, scroll down to the bottom of the [Go to Classroom] page and click on the Chat Event Room link.