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July 2019 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: お祭り Festivals

Date:2019/07/31 15:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Itaya sensei's remarks:


Japanese people love their festivals. There are various festivals held at different locations all over Japan. How about festivals in your area?
Have you ever been to a festival in Japan or another country?

Topic: ユニークな検定試験
Unique certification examinations

Date: 2019/07/22 22:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Hachiyama sensei's remarks:


Is there any certification examination or licensing test that you would like to try to take?
In Japan there are some unique certification examinations. Is it the same in your country too?

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Teacher Itaya's comment July 2019



In the countryside town that I lived in when I was a child, there were not many events, so we used to look forward to the festival in the shrine in autumn.
I remember really enjoying the energetic calls of "Washoi! Washoi!" by those carrying the Mikoshi (portable shrines), eating cotton candy with friends and playing small games in a lively atmosphere that was different from usual.
Recently due to the local revitalisation work in local areas, festivals have been increasing. Is there any particular festival that you would like to go to?

See Itaya Sensei's page.

Teacher Hachiyama's comment July 2019



I was looking up the certification examination that my son is trying to take the other day,and discovered that there are many unique certification examinations in Japan.
For example there is a "Cat Certificate", a "Dog Owners Certificate" and related to food there is a "Chocolate Certificate" and a, "Okonomiyaki Certificate" among others.
It is interesting isn't it. Do you have any unique certification examinations like this in your country?
Is there any certification examination that you hope existed?

See Hachiyama Sensei's page.