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September 2018 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

 Japanese customs as seen from the world

Date:2018/09/29 20:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Kamiyama sensei's remarks:


Are there any customs that are strange when seen from the outside world, but usual in Japan?
Have you ever thought of any Japanese customs as curious?

Topic:リピートする・リピーター Repeat customers

Date:2018/09/30 21:00 (Japan Time)

Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Ueno sensei's remarks:


In Japanese, when you buy something you like many times or when you go to a place once and like it, and then start to go there again and again, we call this 「リピートする」. And the people who 「リピートする」, we call「リピーター」.
In English, the word Repeater is probably wrong, but are you a Repeater for anything?
Tell us about your favorite places and goods.

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