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October 2018 Chat Event Topic & Schedule

Topic: 機会があれば  If you get a chance

Date:2018/10/24 12:00 (Japan Time)
Level: Beginner2, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate


Yokozuka sensei's remarks:


If you get the chance, where would you like to go?
If you had the opportunity, what would you like to eat?
If you could, where would you like to live?
Let's talk about things you usually don't talk about or things that you cannot do, but if you had the chance, you'd like to.

Topic: 家庭料理 Home cooking

Date: 2018/10/28 06:00 (Japan Time)
Level: Intermediate, Advanced


Takane sensei's remarks:


What is the most well-known home cooking in your country?.
What kind of cuisine is a standard home dish?.
Is there any particular mother's cooking that you've eaten since you were a child?.
Let's talk about ingredients and cooking.

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