JOI bank transfer information

You can pay directly from a Japanese bank account or Japan Post office account by transfer.

Transfer fees may vary. Customers are responsible for the payment of the transfer fees.

If the net amount received by JOI differs from the package price, we will adjust the number of lesson tickets accordingly.

Please make sure the name of the transferee and the enrolled student are the same.

If they are not the same, please inform JOI Support ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Private lessons have to be arranged before any purchase to check for desired times and teacher availability. 

Students under the age of 14 are not eligible for the Trial Lessons and FlexLesson classes.

Please contact JOI first before sending any payment for private lessons or for young users.
If a payment is sent before the private classes are arranged and a teacher is not available or payment sent for a user below the minimum age requirement, we will refund the payment.

In the case of a refund via bank transfer, the Company will make a refund minus the transfer fee.



We have included the Japanese for the different sections below.
Please show this page to the bank clearks for assistance with the transfer if you have any communication difficulties at the bank.

   Bank Name     Rakuten Bank
   Branch Name     Salsa Branch
   Bank Account     7017022
   Branch Code     207
   Account Type     Savings
   Account Name     Kabushiki Gaisha Aasu Komyunikeeshonzu
   Account Holder's Address     4-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
   Account Holder's Telephone Number     092 865-2773


  銀行名前   楽天銀行
  支店名前   サルサ支店
  銀行口座   7017022
  支店番号   207
  口座種類   普通
  口座名義人   株式会社 アースコミュニケーションズ
  口座名義人の住所   福岡市中央区天神4丁目7-11 クレアビル4F
  口座名義人の電話番号   092 865-2773


We hope you can benefit from our service.

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