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Teachers' stories

Some funny anecdotes or personal observations by the JOI Japanese teachers. 

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Public Transport in Japan

Public transport in Japan varies from area to area. Some areas have modern and developed transportation systems whereas some rural areas have quaint slow train and bus systems that service the lesser populated parts of the country.

In this Japanese learners' blog by JOI online school, Yatabe sensei has written a touching story, which is typical in Japan. Illustrations and translation are also by Yatabe sensei.

Please enjoy and learn Japanese with this great learning tool.

Vehicles and Children


By YATABE Kumiko





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Vehicles and Children

I often take trains and buses. The other day, when I was waiting for a local train (train that stops at every station), a little boy who looked 1or 2 years old and his mother were standing near me. A rapid train came, then the boy ran up to the train to get on it, but his mother said "We are not taking this train. Let's wait for the next one." and picked him up. He held out his little hands toward the train saying "Ahh ahh", and tried to escape from his mom's arms. Next, the local train came, and they and me got on it. He was smiling a lot and he looked happiest.

Another day, when I was on a bus, a boy who looked 3 years old and his mother were there. They seemed to take this bus often. The boy was doing the driver's announcement. Even though he was lispy, he said such as "Thank you for boarding" "This bus will depart soon" " The next stop is ....." "Please be careful when you stand up". He remembered a lot of words! I thought he might really be able to be the driver's assistant. But maybe he did not understand the meaning of what he was saying.

I often see children who like vehicles very much. Their cuteness melts me every time. Did you like vehicles when you were little?

乗(の)り物(もの) vehicle

ホーム platform

各駅停車(かくえきていしゃ) train that stops at every station

快速(かいそく) rapid train

駆(か)け寄(よ)る run up

抱(だ)き上(あ)げる pick up

脱出(だっしゅつ) escape

親子(おやこ) parent and child

笑顔(えがお) smiley face

アナウンス announcement

舌足(したた)らず lisp

乗車(じょうしゃ) boarding

発車(はっしゃ) departure

お手伝(てつだ)い assistant


Konnichiwa. My name is Kumiko Yatabe. I live in Saitama, just North of Tokyo.

The best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to talk with a person from that country.

Books and CD learning materials as well as movies and music from that country are good learning tools. But unfortunately they do not talk back to you or correct your mistakes.

Please pop into the classroom. If you are aiming to talk fluent Japanese just like a native, or are interested in enjoying to study in a leisurely manner, I am really looking forward to meeting you and many types of students and help you in your quest to master the language. If you don't understand something, please feel free to ask. I will try to make the lessons as easy to understand for everyone.

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